Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is the difference between craft beers and micro-brewed beers?

With the recent beer revolution in our country there have been numerous breweries that have opened within the last 15 years. Some are craft brewers, some are micro-brewers, and some are full scale production for the masses. I personally tend to enjoy the craft and micro brewed beverages. This being said, few people know the difference between a craft beer and a micro-brewed beer.

The classification of micro-brewery has to do with the number of beer barrels it produces in a year, which is a limit of 15,000 beer barrels a year (460,000 US gal).

Here are just a few examples of Micro-Breweries.
1. Rogue Ales
2. Full Sail Brewing Company
3. Heartland Brewery (which also has a brewpub)
4. Brooklyn Brewery

Now on to craft beers. The term craft beer is largely an american term, although it is common in New Zealand and Canada as well. These beers are brewed without adjuncts, like corn or rice.
An adjunct is unmalted grains, like rice, corn, and wheat among other usual suspects. These ingredients are used in the mash to keep cost down or as I learned very recently it will actually help keep a better foam. So your beer will look all pretty. I don't want to get all technical on you but I thought a quick explanation what a adjunct is would be helpful. Craft breweries have also really pushed the boundaries on flavor profiles of beer. Some great examples of great craft beer are.

1. Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales
2. Anchor Brewing
3. Boston Beer Company
4. Harpoon Brewery

Throughout my posts I will be profiling micro and craft beers that I have tried and enjoyed, also some I have not enjoyed so much. I look forward to sharing much more with all of you!!

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