Friday, February 4, 2011

Keegan Ales, Mother's Milk

Here we are again, time to review another beer!!  Today I am taking a look at Hudson Valley's Brewery, Keegan Ales; Mother's Milk (that was a mouthful), which is considered a milk stout.  Keegan Ales was founded in 2003 by Tommy Keegan  and is located at 20 Saint James Street in Kingston New York. Keegan Ales offers 3 beers year round and one seasonal, for a total of 4 different beers (I hope everyone could keep up with that advanced math).

Mother's Milk is a very dark black, one could say a jet black color, however there is a hint of brownish amber on the boarder.  The head has a thick and brown quality to it, which slightly reduces, but leaves nice lacing behind.

When I first poured Mother's Milk, I caught the scent of toasted malt and chocolate.  The aroma was relatively light but very pleasant.

Upon tasting Mother's Milk, I tasted a slightly sweet, milky, chocolate taste, which had a slight bitterness to the finish which could have been a little bit of an espresso influence.

The mouthfeel is very smooth, medium-bodied and creamy, with a low amount of carbonation which seems to work well in this milk stout.  In the finish this beer is dry and leaves little to no aftertaste.

I definitely recommend Mother's Milk, it is a beer that is very easy to drink and gentle on the senses.

My overall grade for Mother's Milk is a B+.  Although I did struggle, almost giving it an A-.  How ever I would have liked a little more aftertaste to it.

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