Monday, February 7, 2011

Beer Styles (Bohemian Pilsner)

Now that we have figured out that beer falls into one of two categories ( Ale or Lager), I am going to tackle the huge task of talking about as many styles of beer as possible.  I will not do this all in one post, it will take several posts and over many months. Since I like to keep each entry short, so I don't lose your interest, I will be talking about one style a post.

Today I am going to talk about the Bohemian Pilsner (which falls into the Lager family).  Originally Bohemian Pilsner came about in 1842 in the Czech town called Plzen.  Since the early days of this beer it has changed somewhat, but if you do come across an original Bohemian Pilsner, it should be a crystal gold in color, with caramel and spicy Saaz-hop aroma.  The taste should be a sweet malt,with light caramel, finished with the Saaz hops (which should leave you with a fresh but bitter finish).

Truly original Pilsner's are crisp and refreshing.  If you order one, make sure it is fresh because this is a beer that is enjoyed only when it is in it's freshest state.

This being said, go out and order a Bohemian Pilsner today.  Get a taste of history without ever having to leave your chair!

Till next time, enjoy life and good beer!!!  Prosit!!


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