Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beer review on: Cold Hop.

Nothing beats sitting down and enjoying a quality craft beer. And that is just what I did last night when I tried Boulder Beer Company's, Cold Hop.  Hailed as a British style Ale, Cold Hop is one of four year round beers that Boulder Beer Company offers.  They also offer seven different seasonal brews and one brewers choice (only offered in their bar).  

I am going to offer the stats on beers now.  I have to admit, I saw the stats on the web site for Boulder Brewing Company and I thought that it was a good idea.  So now, when available  I will post these as well.

Grains:  Maris Otter Pale Malt.  Honey Malt, 10-15 Crystal Malt

Kettle Hops:  Willamette, Czech Saaz, Hallertau and Hercules

Dry Hop:  Nelson Sauvin From New Zealand

ABV (Alcohol By Volume: 6.3%

IBU's (International Bittering Units. This is a measure of the actual bitterness of a beer as contributed by the alpha acid from hops) :  46

Just so everyone knows, I purchased this beer not knowing anything about this particular brew nor the brewery that was responsible for my liquid libation.  So I had little to no expectation.  I was going in blind.

When I first poured Cold Hop it had a clouded hazy appearance, with an orange to copper color.  This ale boasted a nice white thick head.  As time told, the head fizzled out, but left behind some nice lacing. 

When I took a sniff of this brew, I was hit with a little caramel aroma, floral hops, but most of all a fruit overtone.

Upon tasting, I was pleasantly surprised.  I tasted a truly enjoyable blend of fruit, maybe pineapple, floral hops (less than in the aroma), and a slight bitter aftertaste.  Making Cold Hop a smooth ride, and leaving me wanting more.

For some reason this seemed to be a good balance for my palate, and recommend it for sure.

For an overall score I give Cold Hop an A-.  I know what you are thinking,  an A-?  I just said it was well balanced and that I recommend it.  While I enjoyed Cold Hop, it did not let me know that I could lay down and die, since I had just tasted perfection. What it did do was make my mouth a happy place and earned the first grade in the A family!!

Till next time, enjoy life and good beer!!!  Prosit!!!


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